Quality & Safety


Follow-up the implementation of all work according to approved standards and internationalstandards, and ensure that the method of implementation of each work conforms to technical standards and recommendations and industry assets.

Preserving the execution of works with technically qualified technical staff and certificates depending on each work.Ensure that the equipment is valid, calibrated and tested before starting work.

Preparation of the method of statement for each work according to the approved specifications and instructions of the consultant and according to industry assets.

Preparation of periodic reports on quality systems for work, tests, employment and machinery.

Occupational Safety & Health

Providing public safety at work sites such as lighting and warning signs, all necessary to provide security and safety for workers and pedestrians. As well as the implementation of reports and recommendations. 

Redirecting instant reports in case of any accident during work.


Technical Support

We offer a distinguished service in this field because of our expertise both technically andadministratively, including:

- Prepare (Method Of Statement) for all implementation works, supported by technical detailsand Shop Drawing.
- Supply a list of spare parts and raw materials required (Price List, Vendor List, BOQ).
- A timetable for the completion of the work, as well as a periodic report of implementationstat